Biggie Size My Soda Please. What? It’s against the Law?


So, Mr. Bloomberg has come up with a brilliant idea to help New Yorkers control their weight problem. A Big Soda Ban Proposal Law that will limit restaurants, fast foods, venues and everywhere to the maximum size of soda purchase to 16 oz. That’s the ticket. That is one of the main reasons why many of us are overweight. We do nothing but drink Super Size Soda’s all day. Who knew that it has nothing to do with fast food chains, eating late, all you can eat buffets, large frozen fatty drinks. Nothing at all Mr. Bloomberg. In fact, when I go get myself a Double cheeseburger with fries and order that Extra Large Soda, which is a DIET SODA, the Big Soda apparently your insinuating  will get me the extra pound or 2 on calories, not the fatty double cheeseburger and fries from your local fast food chain.

Wow, now I see on how this all makes sense. Thank goodness. I guess this means that now I can enjoy without fear my burgers, fries, buffalo wings, Phillies cheesesteaks, pizza, all you can eat buffets, cheese, garlic breads, donuts, cakes and everything else under the sun and knowing not having a Super Size or Biggie soda of more than 16oz., a diet soda on top of that which is my soda of choice, I do not have to worry too much about gaining any weight? Who Knew? Oh, that is not what you insinuated Mr. Bloomberg? OK….

All kidding aside. I don’t have any issues with our Mayor and I understand Mr. Bloomberg’s intention to do something right that he feels that does contribute to gain weight for a lot of people but does this also have to affect Diet Soda Drinkers? If anything, I’m  saving calories by drinking Diet Soda so I believe this was not in the consideration panel, at all. As far as Not having a Soda machine in school for the youngsters to drink I recall hearing not too far back, I’m all for that. Have the machines dispense plastic water bottles instead.


You see the 3 pictures above, which I got from You see a Regular Size soda in each one right? Not a Super Sized Soda.  Do you see anything else standing out in these pics besides the big belly in Pic #1? Like, let’s say that Huge sandwich, the fries, donuts, pizza, buttered popcorn, cake, this, that and everything else! I do not see a Super Sized soda near that belly which I do not believe is the major concern for Obesity. Look at the second picture with the Cheeseburger and the Stethoscope. That pretty much says it all. I think this law is just taking away from the bigger picture of weight control than just passing it off on the size of a soda one can purchase. I believe each person is responsible for their own personal intake. They should decide on what is good or bad for them and understand on what they are eating or drinking and how healthy it really is. I cannot recall seeing dozens of people walking the streets shoving Twinkies down their throats. Why? Because they know it’s not a healthy item to eat. I am also at fault, as I’m sure a lot of people out there are, that may not think twice about ordering that greasy double cheeseburger meal and Super Sizing it. Why do I it? To tell you the truth, it’s more for the larger size of Fries that come with it more than the Soda. Who knew that would probably be the case for most of us who Biggie or Super Size our meals?

Anyways, I do not want to harp on this item too much but we all have our own opinions on what we should and should not do. We all know right from wrong…. Well, most of us. If a “law” is being passed due the concern of overweight people, keeping in mind that I could shed a few pounds myself, on the size of sodas we are allowed to purchase, then why stop there? What about the 2 Liter bottles in the supermarkets? Should they also be banned and only sell 1 Liter? Is that next? Then what, remove all regular soda and only serve Diet Soda’s? I would not mind but others would.

There are a few things I can think of off the top of my head that would not only possibly save a few pounds, but save LIVES and should take precedence. Hmmmm, let me think here and see….. SMOKING? Now, there is something that should have just be banned all together and should have been done many, many years ago. Increasing the price of cigarettes just put more money in the pockets of the wealthy and politicians to spend on nonsense. This is coming from yours truly, A SMOKER. I’m NOT proud to be one. I have tried many times to quite but have not successfully done so, yet. It is an addictive drug! I now know this was a bad choice in my life to start, back when I was about 15 yrs old, but back then when they were cheaper, easy to get and everyone I knew who I thought were cool were doing it, who knew? If I never started or knew now what I knew then, I would not be smoking today. I applaud all the negative adds and etc. relating to kids not smoking. I only wish they did that when I was a kid. Again, a choice, a decision I have to live by. Anyways, just saying. There are bigger things in life we should work on to better our health and lives. Not the “legal” serving size of Soda. People will just buy that extra soda or 2 if needed, or unless for some chains that may serve and may also get rid of “Free Refills”? Really??

4 thoughts on “Biggie Size My Soda Please. What? It’s against the Law?

  1. Nice article but it does go without saying you are what you eat! There is a huge problem with obesity especially childhood obesity. The banning supersize of sodas will not put an end however the real focus is what soda consists of & how it detoriates our bodies. NEw studies linking soda consumption is something we hear about in the media constantly. Which leads to high levels of glucose which leads to diabetes. Let’s not forget heart attacks , tooth enamel decay & fatty liver disease. More frightengly cancer such as pancreatic cancer. The chemical process that they use to make the artificial dye would increase the risk of cancer.
    I’m not going to lie I love to have a glass of soda with my pizza it just goes hand in hand but I notice once I’ve drank it I become so bloated that I don’t want to drink it again. We all know it is addicting like coffee & cigarettes. When my 13 yr old son recently went to the dentist & the Dr. looked at his x-rays the 1st thing she asked was do you drink soda? Well we know the response to that, he had 5 cavities. He was very upset as I was as well. He now rarely orders diet coke which has its own health risks as well. Bottom line is we must all start making smart healthy decisions to live a long bountiful life.

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